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Members receive the society’s journal West Highland Notes and Queries, which appears three times a year. For their year’s subscription, new members receive the most recent issue followed by the next three.

New members (other than students) should inform the secretary whether they wish to receive their copies of West Highland Notes and Queries in print (hard copy) or digital (PDF) form. Student members will receive their copies in digital (PDF) form only.

Back numbers of West Highland Notes and Queries are available in digital (PDF) form only, at a cost of £5 per issue. No paper copies of back numbers are currently available. Orders for more than ten back numbers are charged at half price.

Subscriptions last for one year from the date of purchase. The rates are as follows:

Normal subscription £18 sterling, rising to £20 sterling on 1 April 2022. 

The student subscription is £10 sterling, available only to those with a valid student e-mail address.  Students will receive West Highland Notes and Queries in digital (PDF) form only.  Students who wish to join the society should e-mail the treasurer directly on [email protected] .  

Subscription £18

Please click on 'add to cart' to make a subscription

For overseas subscribers  it is easiest to pay through this site or through PayPal using [email protected] send the money and using your debit or credit card.   


Secretary to the Society of Highland & Island Historical Research:

Viv Sutherland-Kemp

SHIHR, 57 Belmont Road, Portswood,

Southampton, SO17 2GD

email: [email protected]

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