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During its 40 years in existence SWHIHR's members have published many articles and books about the West Highlands & Islands of Scotland. For example RW Munro & Alan Macquarrie's Clan MacQuarrie - A History . Published by Bruce McQuarrie, 10 Eames Dr. Auburn, Mass. USA 01501-1308. (1996) & Alastair Campbell of Airds Unicorn Pursuivant, A History of Clan Campbell 3 volumes (2000-2004). These volumes include a mass of genealogical material which are invaluable to those which to trace their ancestry.


A new initiative is now underway to enable those subscribers whose ancestors come from the Isle of Coll  to discover how their forbears lived on the island and why they left. The first step was to investigate the story of Macleans of Coll who owned most of the island from 1400 to 1855. This has been told in my From Clan to Regiment: 600 Years in the Hebrides 1400-2000 (2007).

The second step has been to translate and publish in our West Highland Notes & Queries Donald Mackinnon's 'Account of the Isle of Coll and its people' which was written in Gaelic in Australia in the 1880s. Donald Mackinnon was born in 1802 and emigrated in 1859. His career saw the establishment of crofts in the island, the 'Disruption' in the Church of Scotland, the Potato Famine and contnuous emigration. He writes amusingly about his neighbours. They come alive in a way that can never be acheived in dull lists of baptisms, marriages, deaths and censuses.


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